Our Core Services:

Sekonya Attorneys provide the following services:

Personal Injuries

The business has an exceptional success rate in prosecuting motor vehicle accidents claims against the Road Accident Fund. We have ample experience in dealing matters inclusive of brain and or head injuries, orthopedic injuries, amputations, loss of support matters.

NO matter is too big or too small for us to handle!!!!

Rail Accidents

We have extensive experience in doing claims on behalf of clients against the South African Rail Commuter Corporation as well as Metro Rail & Transnet in matters involving train accidents. We have a very good success rate in ensuring that our clients receive fair compensation for their misfortune.

Medical Malpractice/ Negligent

This forms another part of personal injury law. This involves doctors who perform surgical procedures or operation on people and fail to discharge the level of competence required from an ordinarily skilled medical practitioner. This is an area which admittedly has not received sufficient attention within our communities. It is an area of practice which is rapidly developing and presents exciting opportunities for legal practitioners.


It is an area of practice which is rapidly developing and presents exciting opportunities for legal practitioners. Armed with knowledge of personal injury law our teams of very competent practitioners are able to maximize the chances of success of many clients who are aggrieved.


This forms an integral part of vindicating our valued client’s right through personal injury law. This is one area of practice where we strive for excellence. We have experience in litigation in both the Magistrates Court as well as High Court. Due to the demands of litigation in both courts, this area is headed by both partners who have the right to appearance in the High Court.


This is a necessary process in both buying and selling property. We have professional conveyancers who will help with the settlement and title transfer process by ensuring that their client is meeting all legal obligations and that their client’s rights are protected during this transaction.


We also have a team of competent ant trustworthy counsels that we brief depending on the complex of a matter. This means that every client is guaranteed the best legal representation available. In pursuit of excellence our clients are backed by excellent practitioners !!!!!

About us


Sekonya Attorney is a black owned Law firm which was established in 1997 in Kempton Park. It has since moved its offices to Johannesburg CBD to provide greater access to its client base as well as take advantage of greater opportunities available in the Central Business District. The firm has a sister office in Nelspruit , Mpumalanga Province which provides and stands for the same values as Sekonya Attorneys, together the professionals come with a same vision and cumulative experience of the particular forte, to provide simple and sensible services and solutions to their valued clients. The firm enjoys a prominent place in the legal profession. It is not only a highly reputable law firm, but also a very approachable one. The relationships with its clients are the key to its success. The firm has 15 years of expertise and experience in areas of law and is constantly adapting and expanding its areas of practice to meet its client’s needs.

Mission Statement
To provide full asset protection services to our clients in a timely and professional manner. Our focus is to deliver exceptional services to our clients, through traditional principles of prudent business practices.

Our Vision
We aspire to be the most trusted, and professional company in our industry that provides quality efficient service as seen by our stakeholders.
Our Core Values
  • Provision of highest level of services
  • Delivery on commitments
  • Implement high business ethics at all times
  • Instil integrity in all our business practices
  • Empowerment of clients and Sekonya’s Attorneys personnel
Our Promise
  • Our promise encapsulates our commitment to delivering high quality professional services and solutions that are advanced and well tailored to meet the needs of our clients.
  • To excel beyond our peers requires us to provide an even higher calibre of service to our clients.
Our Competitive Advantage
The size of the company, allows us to give tentative service to the individual client.


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Our Team

In our team, we have dynamic, highly valued personnel. They assist to meet the company objectives and to ensure the visions of Sekonya’s Attorneys are manifested. Our clients are ensured of efficient and professional services at all times. A healthy working environment has been created to stimulate participation of ideas and skills, which collectively help to sustain the business and build a formidable brand within the law industry.

Our team is inclusive of:
Top class graduates who are skilled, trained and experienced professionals in their chosen practice of disciplines.
Enthusiastic and dedicated personnel.
Brilliant Office Administrators.

MF Sekonya


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Lawrence Makhubela

Conveyance Attorney

Conveyance Attorney at Sekonya Attorneys, Johannesburg.

Another member


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Another member


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